This is a story that began in the late 70’s in KwaZulu Natal. My name is Nicky and I design  and hand make shoes in my studio at the seaside. I learned my craft from a wonderful woman, to whom I will always be eternally grateful. All the shoes in my range are Handmade in a Natural Vegetable Tanned Cow hide, moulded into a healthy anatomical shape for support and protection during the growing years and for the pure joy of wearing a very unique shoe which will delight and enchant you and all around you.

All thread is braided and waxed and will soften during wear, whilst maintaining its strength. In styles with embellishment the beads are individually knotted and the shoe lined for care and comfort. I use seed beads, Moon beads and crystals and sequins from Egypt. Some of the styles are hand tooled or stamped with designs, and all the colours are exceptional and lacquered for protection. Some styles have leather straps with buckles and some have ribbons for added appeal. Where possible both have been included.

I have made several ranges for exclusive shops in Cape Town and Natal. My dream is to grow my business by teaching my skill to folk in my community and uplifting them by creating wonderful wearable works of art, and offering excellent empowering employment opportunities. I can personalize your range with your own signature design and exclusivity. These shoes are available in any colour imaginable. I have a boys and mens range under construction, Watch this space!

I specialize in making to order for those special moments in your lives. Imagine your Flower girl on your Wedding day, with shoes that match her dress and add that extra Magical Sparkle to your Special Day. I can create soft shoes for tiny tots for Christenings or to match any Special outfit for Important Birthdays or other Memourable Occasions too. You can attend any momentous celebrations and you are sure to be wearing the Prettiest Shoes at the Party. I would be honoured to create a Spectacular Design just for you.

You were born to walk free.